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The Shop

We have been the local experts in sound equipment for 40 years, with a vast knowledge of speaker design and amplification.

We are well respected and trusted by our suppliers having been chosen by QSC and Shure as a preferred rental partner.


With this excellent reputation we can stock most major brands of P.A. equipment and accessories in the shop or obtain them for the next day.

We are the only outlet in East Yorkshire to be able to offer this comprehensive service.

Always in stock : Active and passive speaker cabinets, mixing desks, amplifiers active & passive monitors by: Soundcraft, QSC, Mackie, EV, Dynacord, Yamaha, Wharfedale, Proel, Studiomaster, Alto, Soundwave, Behringer, Samson, Kam, LD systems.

Extensive stocks of cabled microphones at a range prices for all applications starting as low as £25. Available for stage, condenser and recording by: AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, Beyer, JTS Samson.

shop2Huge choice of wireless microphones including headset, lapel and hand-held .

Large selection always in stock of accessories: Cables for everything, Smoke & haze machines, Bags, covers, mic stands, music stands,gaffer tape, loud speaker drivers and tweeters.


I can repair just about any brand of speaker cabinet and spares for Peavey and Wharfedale are available from stock.

shop3Amplifier repairs are sent to our local electronics engineer.

Dry Hire

We can hire everything for customer’s own use “dry hire”

Active and passive speaker cabinets, Amplifiers, Mixing desks, Powered mixers, Microphones, Wireless systems, Lighting , Smoke and haze machines, Monitors & Cables.